Pet Waste removal for the Twin Cities & Surrounding Areas
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Our Services

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Residential pet waste Management

Our pet waste removal team is here to make sure your yard stays poop-free and worry-free. Imagine a detective squad – but for doggy doo! We carefully patrol your property, scooping up any evidence of your pet's whereabouts. Our method is like a neat grid, leaving no poop behind. And guess what? Our Scoop Inspectors, inspired by Sherlock himself, double-check that your gate is locked tight, ensuring no curious noses or paws wander in (or out) of your yard.

Commercial pet waste Management

Business owners, listen up! We've got a mission to keep your commercial space sparkling clean from any unexpected "gifts" left by your customers' pets. Our commercial pet waste removal crews are the cleanup detectives of the doggy world. We meticulously comb through your business grounds, making sure there's no trace of poop lurking around. Say goodbye to the doggy detective work, and leave your property poo-free!

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The Sherlock Promise

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Our communication rivals that of Sherlock himself! Expect a notification when we arrive and a message when we’re done, letting you know your yard is officially poo-free!
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Our detective-like scooping ensures a poo free yard and we double check the gate is securely closed on our way out.
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We leave behind no clues. Just a happy dog, a clean yard, and a happy homeowner!
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OUR Process

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Request a Quote

Get a quote in just a few minutes straight from our website and customized to your home’s needs.

Set Your Schedule

Set up visits weekly, bi-weekly, twice weekly, monthly, or one-time cleanings. So your yard remains poo-free.

Enjoy Your Yard

Leave the scooping to the impeccable Sherlock team and kiss scooping goodbye!
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Quality Service - Guaranteed

At Sherlock's Pet Waste Removal, we uphold a standard of service as thorough and meticulous as the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes himself. If you find any aspect of our work unsatisfactory, simply let us know within 48 hours, and we'll return to redo the service free of charge. Our commitment is to ensure 5-Star Service - because in the realm of pet waste removal, every detail matters!

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Residential Petwaste removal

The crew is very reliable. I always appreciate their communication. They arrive every week when they say they will and do a thorough job scooping up. I highly recommend Sherlock!
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Elizabeth M.
Eric G. A commercial pet waste removal customer of Sherlock Pet Waste Removal.

Commercial Petwaste removal

Darius and his team are great to work with. Lee Ann has never missed a day since we’ve starting using their dog waste removal services and we are very pleased with the work ethic. Well worth the cost!
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Eric G.
A woman in a white shirt and blue jeans leaning against a railing

Residential Petwaste removal

Thank you so much:) I am officially a loyal customer. Reached out…received a response that same day…and they were at my house cleaning up the very next day.
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Clariza L.
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Proudly Supporting Local Shelters

Driving Impact Together: Each month, a percentage of our earnings will be dedicated to supporting various animal shelters and pet clinics. Your choice to partner with us not only guarantees exceptional service but also actively contributes to the well-being of animals in shelters and healthcare facilities. Join us in making a difference, one clean yard at a time.

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Say Goodbye to scooping forever

And say hello to hassle-free, always clean yards.

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Vibrant orange fire blazing against a black backdrop, symbolizing pet waste management.
How often should I schedule pet waste removal services?

We offer services twice a week, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly, allowing you to choose a frequency that suits your needs best.

Is your service available year-round in Minnesota?

Yes, we operate throughout the year. However, in the case of inclement weather that poses safety risks for our technicians, we may need to reschedule for everyone's safety. Regarding fresh snow, as it can make locating previous waste challenging, we might need to delay service until the following week to ensure a thorough cleanup. In emergency situations where there's been some snowmelt within the last day, we do offer cleaning services to accommodate urgent needs.

What areas do you cover in Minnesota?

We cover a wide range of areas, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Edina, Brooklyn Park, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Richfield-Bloomington Area, Roseville, Minnetonka, Wayzata, New Hope, Brooklyn Center, Champlin, New Brighton, Columbia Heights, and other surrounding cities.

Two dogs wearing sunglasses, sitting on a hill, enjoying the sunny day together.
What is your 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy?

Count on our Service Guarantee for peace of mind: In the event you're unsatisfied with a cleaning, it's on us. You won't be billed for that day's service. Our team will promptly return within 24 hours of initial contact to crack the case!

How do I schedule or cancel a service?

Scheduling or canceling a service is hassle-free. You can reach out to us via our contact form, phone, text, email, or simply use our user-friendly online booking system.

Do I need to be home during the service?

No, your presence isn't necessary. Just grant us access to the area, and we'll take care of everything.