Darius and Alexis, founders of Sherlock Pet Waste Removal
Two adorable dogs posing side by side, ready for a fun-filled day. Watch out for pet waste!

about us

Welcome to Sherlock Pet Waste Removal, where our tale emerged from the icy challenges of a small yard, where commitment meant enduring freezing temperatures to fill bags of poop. Darius, a former football player at Concordia St. Paul, and Alexis, a basketball athlete at South Dakota State University, know the true meaning of dedication. These moments, battling the cold to bring warmth and peace of mind to a pet owner, underline our commitment to exceeding expectations.

Community & Service

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We go beyond waste removal; our journey involves personally meeting owners and pets, offering support to those in need, fostering genuine connections, and creating a safe and enjoyable space for our pets and families. Join us for a professional, personable, and eco-conscious service that leaves no clues left behind. Let's make every moment count—Sherlock Pet Waste Removal is here to make it happen. Ready to redefine your outdoor experience? Sign up today for a cleaner, worry-free space.

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Your Local, Trusted Poop Scoopers
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Our mission

Our mission is to aid in creating a safe and clean environment for our pets and communities. To give hard-working people their time back to enjoy the things they love to do. And, offer convenience and assistance to those who are physically unable. We focus on professionalism, great communication, and friendly services to guarantee a 5-star experience.

Witness the sheer delight of a beagle dog sprinting with a ball in its mouth, radiating boundless enthusiasm and playfulness.
A cute corgi dog sitting in the grass, enjoying the outdoors. Watch out for pet waste while you play!
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Residential Petwaste removal

The crew is very reliable. I always appreciate their communication. They arrive every week when they say they will and do a thorough job scooping up. I highly recommend Sherlock!
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Elizabeth M.
Eric G. A commercial pet waste removal customer of Sherlock Pet Waste Removal.

Commercial Petwaste removal

Darius and his team are great to work with. Lee Ann has never missed a day since we’ve starting using their dog waste removal services and we are very pleased with the work ethic. Well worth the cost!
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Eric G.
A woman in a white shirt and blue jeans leaning against a railing

Residential Petwaste removal

Thank you so much:) I am officially a loyal customer. Reached out…received a response that same day…and they were at my house cleaning up the very next day.
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Clariza L.
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Say Goodbye to scooping forever

And say hello to hassle-free, always clean yards.

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